Big booms for United Forklift and Access Solutions

United Forklift and Access Solutions have this month received 3 Haulotte HT43 RTJ PRO for their fleet across Australia.

This is the first time they have ordered the largest boom available from Haulotte. Doug RAWLINGS State Manager from United explains why they are adding more large booms to their rental fleet.

“Demand at the moment in government and civil construction is quite large. For these projects operators need to get as high as possible. Projects are being built higher in Metro areas, but also in mining infrastructure building and maintenance works, so machines that offer the greatest flexibility for height are highly sought after”, said Doug.


The HT43 RTJ PRO features dual platform capacity of 230kg up to 450kg restricted. Its compact base is designes for 360 degrees continuous rotation along with its rotational jib allowing 180 degrees maneuverability. With 4WD and 4WS it has the best outside turning radius on the market. It also features Haulotte’s Activ’Shield Bar 2.0 for operator safety. In case of entrapment, the operator is pushed towards the bar integrated into the upper box cover, and the machine stops automatically. The Safety Gap allows a large clearance, preventing driver entrapment.

Given the height operators will be at when using these booms, Haulotte took the opportunity to conduct a thorough training on the machine when it arrived in United’s yard. Australian Technical Specialist for Haulotte Brad KENNAUGH describes the need for training and the benefit offered.


“Because of their large size, the 43’s are not as common as the smaller 20m versions, so it was critical that we took the time to get the customer up to speed with the correct operation and safety features. The technical training offered enabled United’s technician’s to better understand how to maintain the machine through-out its life and service requirements. The sales team were given familiarization training which covered the operations and functions of the machine so they can better educate their customers who hire the equipment”, said Brad.

united-training_cropped_haulotte.jpg united-training-haulotte-focusht43.jpgunited-training-on-the-top-ht43-haulotte.jpg

Demand for these booms is not just coming from one area. United has eleven locations across Australia and all are showing increased demand for larger booms. For United, when looking for equipment suppliers, it is not just about availability, it’s about the relationship and the experience.

“The booms have been strategically positioned around Australia in locations that ensure the best possible utilisation rate and we hope to add more in the future. The relationship we have with Haulotte means that we could get what we needed, confident that what we get from Haulotte is quality, support and spare parts help when we need it”, explained Doug.